My first live CFNM sex experience


It’s true that we all are fond of adult CFNM movies, but how many of you have tried a live webcam CFNM experience until now? I got this idea not long ago and yesterday I had the chance to finally turn it into reality. So, I started by finding an appropriate girl(or girls) for this job, browsing through the models of spicywebcams. I was surprised to see that many young chicks have no idea what CFNM is all about. But, fortunately, I found Wet Clara, a 19 years old angel that was not only aware of this subject, but also have a passion for it too. Although she was briefly dressed, it was not a big deal for her to get some decent outfit. And she turned up the way you can see in the above photo. Our live sex show was epic. First she asked me saying that she wants to blow me. Having a good dildo, she used those specially crafted dick sucking lips to get is all wet and messy, while I was looking straight into her eyes. After that, she slid a bit her pink panties and started to use that dildo into her tight pussy. I wished to be right beside her and to spray with hot cum her pretty face and her fancy outfit! But maybe next time… The bottom line is that one can have a decent CFNM webcam sex, given he finds the right girl for this mission.

CFNM Secret 10 – Movie Review


If you didn’t know, this is one fun fetish – to be a man, naked, among beautiful dressed women, who will toy with you to satisfy their needs. Rest assured – in the process, you are too brought on the highest peaks of pleasure. This is what this Reality Kings concept is all about. CFNM Secret 10 might just be considered the crowning of a series – even if the studio will keep making other films under this title.
Clothed Females, Naked Men – this is what everything is all about. This particular film, the 10th part, is of special interest to me, especially because of the stellar cast, which gathers together the most beautiful and naughtiest MILFs (Cherie DeVille, who I loved in any movie in which she played her part as a step mom, and Dana DeArmond, who fit her role like a glove in the XXX parody of Star Trek) with the sexiest of all girls.
Thus, CFNM Secrets 10 also stars these following naughty girls. Amy Anderson might just be considered a newcomer, even when compared to the likes of her co-stars Romi Rain and Anikka Albrite. What got me harder than Chinese mathematics was, however, the ever-loveable Presley Hart. Ash Hollywood, Sarah Shevon and Dani Daniels complete the cast this one and only film.
When it comes to porn, the story doesn’t count usually – thank god, it isn’t the case in here too. Who would want to watch a full 2 hour-long movie with just 30 minutes of sex in it? The CNFM series is all about getting down to business.
It doesn’t really matter who these pornstars are supposed to be, or what role they should be playing. In this case, they are all sluts which like to boss around some boys. Some of them pretend to remain clothed while beside the pool (Cherie DeVille and Anikka Albrite). Some of them pretend to take yoga/gymnastic lessons (Ash Hollywood and Presley Hart). Dani Daniels and Romi rain aren’t even trying to pretend they are acting – they are at the bar, scoring it with the bartender.
The same goes for Amy Anderson, who goes for the classic housewife/secretary, or for Sara Shevon and Dana DeArmond who just like to screw. CFNM Secrets 10 is all about that: women being bossy around men. Clothed women leaving men butt naked, only to please them and find pleasure themselves.
And I don’t know about you, but a clothed woman looks damn sexier than a naked one. And I believe that this is the reason why so many men have this fetish – it is a way of revealing a woman without actually revealing her. And seeing a clothed woman pleasing a man would mean that a whole range of fantasies can be born.
Other than this, CFNM Secrets 10 may be considered an average Reality Kings production by most of the viewers. However, I love this porn genre and the cast is one that would make me explode in just a matter of seconds: blowjobs, licking, 69ing, regular intercourse, titty-fucking and anal – what more could one ask from these sexy and naughty girls?

Is it possible to have a CFNM webcam show?


One of the most common fetishes nowadays is the CFNM one, in which one or more women still wearing clothes satisfy a naked man. In some ways, it is exactly the opposite of another common fantasy, in which a clothed man takes advantage of a naked woman.
However, things get a little more complicated than that when it comes to webcam shows, and that isn’t because there aren’t enough models, but because this type of a fantasy usually requires pretty much from a technical point of view.
Of course, a guest having this kind of a fantasy can always enter a private show with a couple or a group, a private show during which this eccentric desire can be accomplished. The female models can easily wear their sexiest outfits, while the male model will be undressed. As said, from a technical point of view, this fantasy would also require a high speed internet connection, a HD cam and quite a large room in which the show would take place.
However, there is still another type of CFNM fantasy which puts the guest in the middle of the show, so to speak. This will be a cam-to-cam experience with a professional model (we specify that because she will know what to do and what to say, unlike most amateur users from websites like Omegle and Chatroulette).
The model will have her clothes on, preferably an office suit (maybe high heels, a pencil skirt, and a button down shirt), while the guest will be the one naked. Of course, the guest will masturbate and the model will watch.
The main difference when compared to the websites mentioned above is that the model will know what to do and what to say in order to guide and entice even more the guest. In addition to that, nothing can beat the sensations a professional model can offer a man. She can make him feel wanted, she can dominate him, and she can do whatever they have agreed prior to the beginning of the show.
Unfortunately, there aren’t too many specialized adult webcam sites that could offer a guest a real CFNM experience. From this point of view, there are just a few websites which have this category.
All things considered, it won’t be long until all specialized websites will include this category. But, until then, you can always visit your favorite adult webcam couple or group for an exciting CFNM private session.

What CFNM actually means?

At first a form of art, CFNM was a common way of interpreting the beauty of the human physique, the complexity of a man’s body. That is why so many of the ancient sculptures feature men without any clothes. The male’s body, with all its muscles perfectly surprised, was considered the epitome of creation.
Nowadays, this erotica subgenre is usually referring to amateur pornographic videotapes, in which one or more men are being undressed, while the women around them remain clothed. It may be considered a sexual fantasy, for both the man and the female, which would suggest either sexual submission or a striptease prelude to a sexual act. Usually, when a man remains without its clothes in front of women which aren’t naked, both of these explanations are equally available.
A certain thing has to be considered when talking about what CFNM stands for. If at first women were depicted as men’s sexual objects, since the women’s sexual liberation the roles have revered. Although this is not a common practice and it can be considered more of a niche subgenre (which is also the reason why CFNM is more regarded like a fantasy and a fetish), this form of submission suggest that equality between the two sexes is demanded by both men and females.
As said, CFNM is now only subgenre pertaining to amateur pornographic videotapes. The dominance of the women during such sessions can be either less or more visible.
For example, there are many parties in which male strippers are invited. After they dance, they can get to invite some of the women (or even more) for a sexual act – usually, since the women aren’t disrobed, this sexual act is fellatio. Every woman gets a chance at stimulating the stripper. In the end, when the man is about to orgasm, he can either do it in the mouth of one woman, or simply on the clothes of several of the participants (spreading the semen on women’s clothes also has a deeper meaning).
Other times, this form of submission is more obvious than a normal striptease party. The man is disrobed, sat down, maybe even with his hands tied. As he sits this way, women get to humiliate him in turns. While sexual stimulation isn’t as obvious as in the previous example, ejaculation eventually occurs. Mixed with the pain inflicted on the sexual organ and with the shame the man is subjected to, the pleasure felt during the orgasm also signifies another thing then before (it may be considered a form of both expressing sorrow and feeling the joy of forgiveness).
There are plenty of ways in which CFNM can be performed, bearing a different meaning each time. However, if it is fun for both partners and if both partners agree, then there should be no shame in trying it.