What CFNM actually means?

At first a form of art, CFNM was a common way of interpreting the beauty of the human physique, the complexity of a man’s body. That is why so many of the ancient sculptures feature men without any clothes. The male’s body, with all its muscles perfectly surprised, was considered the epitome of creation.
Nowadays, this erotica subgenre is usually referring to amateur pornographic videotapes, in which one or more men are being undressed, while the women around them remain clothed. It may be considered a sexual fantasy, for both the man and the female, which would suggest either sexual submission or a striptease prelude to a sexual act. Usually, when a man remains without its clothes in front of women which aren’t naked, both of these explanations are equally available.
A certain thing has to be considered when talking about what CFNM stands for. If at first women were depicted as men’s sexual objects, since the women’s sexual liberation the roles have revered. Although this is not a common practice and it can be considered more of a niche subgenre (which is also the reason why CFNM is more regarded like a fantasy and a fetish), this form of submission suggest that equality between the two sexes is demanded by both men and females.
As said, CFNM is now only subgenre pertaining to amateur pornographic videotapes. The dominance of the women during such sessions can be either less or more visible.
For example, there are many parties in which male strippers are invited. After they dance, they can get to invite some of the women (or even more) for a sexual act – usually, since the women aren’t disrobed, this sexual act is fellatio. Every woman gets a chance at stimulating the stripper. In the end, when the man is about to orgasm, he can either do it in the mouth of one woman, or simply on the clothes of several of the participants (spreading the semen on women’s clothes also has a deeper meaning).
Other times, this form of submission is more obvious than a normal striptease party. The man is disrobed, sat down, maybe even with his hands tied. As he sits this way, women get to humiliate him in turns. While sexual stimulation isn’t as obvious as in the previous example, ejaculation eventually occurs. Mixed with the pain inflicted on the sexual organ and with the shame the man is subjected to, the pleasure felt during the orgasm also signifies another thing then before (it may be considered a form of both expressing sorrow and feeling the joy of forgiveness).
There are plenty of ways in which CFNM can be performed, bearing a different meaning each time. However, if it is fun for both partners and if both partners agree, then there should be no shame in trying it.